The International Festival of Films on Art - 38th edition from March 17 to 29, 2020

John Heward: Words and Silence

Canada | 2019 | 27 min
English | Subtitles in French
Sound mixing: Martin Hurtubise
Editing: Mario Côté
Cinematographer: Steeve Desrosiers
Artists: John Heward, Stéphane La Rue
Director: Mario Côté


World Premiere - In attendance of the Director Mario Côté.

A vibrant testimonial to artist John Heward, born in Montreal in 1934 and deceased on 6 November 2018. It was on 8 December 2017 that painter Stéphane La Rue first met Heward in his studio on Murray Street in Montreal, and they began a dialogue around the words “painting,” “music,” “abstraction,” “gesture,” and “life.” In the uncluttered space of his studio, the words slowly accumulated. More than 100 of Heward’s works are conserved at the Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec.


Mario Côté

Filmography | L’Image-lumière (2017); Des Lois Des Dialogues (2016); Écorces (2016); Sonate no 6 (2016); Black and Tan Fantasy/Répétition (2015) ; L’Homme de la campagne (2014) ; Fernand Leduc : les mots de la peinture (2013) ; A Morte in braccio (2012); Hozhro, cantate scénique de Michel Gonneville (2012); À ciel ouvert (2011) ; Blanc Noir ou Rien (2010) ; Tableau 20 (2009) ;La chambre qui attend, un portrait d’Alain Fleischer, écrivain (2008); Dédale (2008 ) ;Les Saisons Sullivan (2007)

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