Katyusha: Rocket Launchers, Folk Songs, and Ethnographic Refrains

Canada | 2016 | 39 min
Cinematography: Kandis Friesen
Editing: Kandis Friesen
Narration: Kandis Friesen
Script: Kandis Friesen
Sound: Kandis Friesen
Categories :
Experimental FIFA


Quebec Premiere

Conflating years of research, archival digging, and excerpts from familial, institutional, and other collections, Katyusha is an experimental documentary that ruminates on the circulation and constructions of cultural memory and national(ist) narratives.


Kandis Friesen

Kandis Friesen is an interdisciplinary artist based in Montréal. Working with video, performance, drawing, installation, and sculpture, her practice looks at diasporic language, dispersed translations, and the role of document and archive in constructions of public memory and public space. Her work has been shown locally and internationally at various festivals and galleries, and she has been the recipient of several grants and awards.
Filmography | To the Nightingales (2017) ; Redline (2015) ; maintenance/d’entretien (2015) ; M is for Muttasproak (2012) ; A Ess Fe Arbu?se’zieropp (2012) ; Soo Schwoa Dis (2012) ; Tape #158: Document 2B (2011) ; Untitled (Bernard de Miami) (2011) ; The Architecture of Dying and the Geography of Loss (2011) ; Woa Enjelsch (2011) ; Trade (2010) ; Rachki (2010) ; shootingpain (2010) ; flight risk (2007).

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Concordia, J.A. De Sève, Pavillon J. W. Mc Connell
Screening # 38
Experimental FIFA


Canada | 39 min | 2017

French | Subtitles in English

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Experimental FIFA

The Catalogue

Canada | 2 min | 2017

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