Keep the Flame, Don't Pray to the Ashes – The Choreographer Martin Schläpfer

Germany | 2016 | 53 min
German | Subtitles in English
Cinematography: Monika Eise, Carsten Jost, Gordon Kalbfleisch, Gabriel Pielke, Dieter Stürmer, Philipp Metz
Distribution: Real Fiction Filmverleih
Editing: Ansgar Pohle
Producer: Ansgar Pohle
Sound: Filipp Forberg, Fabian Moh, Lennart Speer
Production: 7T1 Media GmbH


Presented in partnership with Danse Danse

Can an artist constantly renew his commitment to freedom, beauty and aesthetic nuance? Choreographer Martin Schläpfer, who has directed the Ballet am Rhein Düsseldorf since 2009, is a preeminent figure in the European dance world. His creations have been acclaimed for their sheer power and boldness, launching ballet once and for all into the 21st century. As he works on two major choreographies—Alltag, a ballet conceived for him by collaborator Hans van Manen, and Deep Field, a work set to the music of contemporary composer Adriana Hölszky—director Annette Von Wangenheim captures the essence of the artist in his tireless investigations of movement and beauty—as much in his daily life as his creative process.


Annette Von Wangenheim

Annette von Wangenheim is an author and director of documentary films. She studied musicology, theatre and film studies at the University of Cologne. Her documentaries, which have been broadcast on TV and screened at international festivals, include Bellboys in the Dream Factory – Black Extras in German Feature Films (2001), Joséphine Baker. Black Diva in a White Man's World (2006) and Nijinsky & Neumeier. Soulmates in Dance (2010).
Filmography | Nijinsky & Neumeier. Soulmates in Dance (2010) ; Elegance of the View. The Photographer Willy Maywald (2008) ; Joséphine Baker. Black Diva in a White Man’s World (2006) ; Mysterious Kyoto. Shrines, Temples, and the Art of Archery (2005) ; Open Wound Palestine (2004) ; Three Ballets by Kurt Jooss (2004) ; Pages in the Factory of Dreams. Black Extras in German Feature Films (2002) ; Explosion of Silence. The World of Women in Yemen (2001) ; Kurt Jooss. A Commitment to Dance (2001).

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