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La La La

France | 2018 | 52 min
French, English | Subtitles in French
Cinematography: Guillaume Martin, Michaël Moser, François Rosolato, Jean-Marc Selva, Ellington Tynes
Sound mixing: Mathieu Tiger
Editing: Elisa Cosse, Hélène Pasquet, Pierre Sainteny
Director: Eric Bitoun


North American Premiere

What if primitive cinema lacked not speech (as commonly believed) but rather music? The musical quickly established itself as traditional cinematic genre, transporting audiences to a world of magic and imagination. With rich archival sources, this documentary offers viewers a comprehensive look at the most famous musicals, giving voice to the protagonists who helped the genre grow and spread. It is a wonderful journey into the enchanting world of musicals.


Eric Bitoun

Producer and director of short-films and feature documentary films, Eric Bitoun notably produced and directed L'Homme aux Bas Nylon (2018), L'Histoire Glamour de Dim (2017), et La Belle Histoire du chocolat Poulain (2016).
Filmography | L’homme aux bas nylon ; Martine Carol, plus dure sera la chute ; L'histoire glamour de dim ; La belle histoire du chocolat poulain ; L’histoire savoureuse de banania ; L’histoire gourmande de lu ; L’histoire fondante du chocolat menier ; Florent, un français au Japon ; Un paradis perdu ; Fans de fanfares ; Je suis née a 16 ans ; Jamais sans mon cheval ; La nuit du court 2012 ; La nuit du court 2011 ; La nuit du court 2010 ; La nuit du court 2009 ; La nuit du court 2008 ; La nuit du court 2007 ; La nuit du court 2006

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