La langue rouge

Belgium | 2016 | 69 min
French, English | Subtitles in English
Cinematography: Violaine De Villers, Jean-Pierre Fargeas, Johan Legraie
Distribution: YC Aligator Film
Editing: Lou Galopa
Music: Graham K. Riach
Producer: Marie Kervyn
Sound: Cosmas Antoniadis, Benoît Bruwier, Matthieu Roche
Production: YC Aligator Film


Presented in partnership with Wallonie-Bruxelles International

Belgian artist Walter Swennen invites us into his workshop for a thoughtful but playful dialogue between the movements of his mind and the matter of his works, between a way of being and a way of painting. Moving from Brussels to New York, accompanied by director Violaine de Villers and a team of curators, Swennen speaks to his paintings, and they speak back. We are drawn into this painter-philosopher’s wacky world, in which Buster Keaton bumps into Titian, Krazy Cat rides a Dadaesque hobbyhorse, Mickey Mouse puts ears on Mallarmé, and Boris Vian jams with Thelonious Monk. Swennen is a master at not taking himself too seriously, which this film reveals with impish clarity.


Violaine De Villers

Born in Brussels in 1947, Violaine de Villers studied philosophy at the Université de Louvain, Belgium. She interrupted her courses in the maelstrom of the events of May 1968 and taught in higher secondary education. She took up her studies 15 years later and completed a Master’s degree in economic and social policies. Since 1981, she has written and directed politically themed documentaries and films about art. Since 2001, she has also directed works for radio.
Filmography | Répliques (2015) ; Les carrières de Roby Comblain (2014) ; Les familles de Marianne Berenhaut (2011) ; Poupées-poubelles (2010) ; Pierres qui roulent (2010) ; Mirage (2007) ; La conjuration des couleurs (2007) ; Parlons couleur (2007) ; Filigrane (2003) ; Ô couleurs (1997).

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Cinémathèque québécoise - Salle principale
Screening # 16
Presented by Wallonie-Bruxelles International
FIFA Grand Panorama


Canada | 5 min | 2016

- Without dialogue

La langue rouge
FIFA Grand Panorama

La langue rouge

Belgium | 69 min | 2016

French, English | Subtitles in English