La Mission de Kent Nagano

Germany | 2017 | 46 min
English, French | Subtitles in French
Cinematography: Michel Desilet, Alain Bisson, Solange Jacques
Sound mixing: Tobias Farshim
Editing: Ulrich Skalicky
Cinematographer: Jan Kerhart
Sound: Jacob Schlesinger, Stéphane Poulin, France Poliseno
Voice: Alain Omer Duranceau, Martin Watier
Production: Sandra Maischberger, Onno Ehlers, Melanie Clausen, Sandra Šamec, Marie-Odile Demay


Maestro Kent Nagano and producer in attendance

As a child, Kent Nagano was touched and influenced by the passion of a music lover. This passion has guided his entire life, and he wants to transmit it to his audience, wherever he is, by constantly reaching his hand. The documentary The Mission of Kent Nagano retraces his founding childhood in Morro Bay, explores the preschool program “Music to children” that he initiated in a public school, Montreal North, and follows him to Hamburg where he directs La Flûte enchantée, accompanied by young amateur musicians with the same rigor as the Hamburg Philharmonic Orchestra at the G20, in front of heads of state from around the world.


Nadja Frenz

Nadja Frenz has been working as TV journalist for over 20 years. She has experience as a director and producer of numerous documentaries, reports and series, as well as experience in developing ideas for series for public television companies.
Filmography | Secrets of Arabia (2017) ; Adventurous Turkey–From the Bosporus to the Tigris (2015) ; The Cape of Wild Animals (2015) ; Traveling on the North Sea Cycle Route (2012) ; Kill Zone USA (2014).

Inge Kloepfer

The economist Inge Kloepfer is a well known German journalist and author, who has been writing for leading newspapers and magazines in Germany since more than 20 years. She published several books, amongst others the best-selling biography on the publisher and billionaire Friede Springer, and Expect the Unexpected with Kent Nagano, which is point of origin and base of the film La Mission de Kent Nagano. Kloepfer is also a winner of the Economic journalist of the year award.
Filmography | First major film.

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La Mission de Kent Nagano
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La Mission de Kent Nagano

Germany | 46 min | 2017

English, French | Subtitles in French