La Russie dans l'objectif – Le Mythe russe


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Russian, French | Subtitles in French
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World Premiere

Russia is unique due undoubtedly to its magnitude but also, most notably, to the inextricable contradictions that arise from it. A country of excesses and extremes, yet desperately empty and desolate, cold and hot, silent and howling, whose tragedies and turmoil permeate every inch of its landscapes and every one of its inhabitants. In a four-part portrait, we set off to discover an immense territory reflected in its photographic scene: unbridled, bustling, brave, and sometimes a little crazy. Meetings with photographers Elena Anosova, Misha Domozhilov, Alexander Gronsky, Valery Nistratov, and many others.

In some parts of Russia, the population density does not exceed one person per square kilometer. In these remote places are hidden real treasures, captured on film by three photographers. In this part, a modern tale is told through the camera's lens.

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