The International Festival of Films on Art - 39TH Edition from March 16 to 28, 2021

La Spira


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French, English, Italian | Subtitles in French
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The film will be available for free screening from Sunday, March 11 on the website of La Fabrique culturelle

Spotlight: Music. Tribute to Idéale Audience. This film, award-winning of the 30th FIFA, follows the musical group Spira Mirabili born one evening in June 2007. Four young musicians met after a concert, unhappy with the world of classical music. It was not how they wanted to live their musical lives. Only 4 years later, Spira Mirabilis embraces some 40 young musicians from 16 countries who get together every 2 months to study and then interpret a symphonic work. They rehearse and perform without a conductor, without fees, outside the traditional classical music circuit. Spira Mirabilis has thus invented a new way of experiencing the music, where the quest for the meaning and coherence of the score prevails over career, money, or success. And where traditional barriers between performer and audience are broken down. The film depicts this utopian way of “making music together”, capturing the group in rehearsals and in daily interactions.

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