The International Festival of Films on Art - 39TH Edition from March 16 to 28, 2021

la vie à 2 [objet #2]

Canada | 2020 | 4 min
- Without dialogue
Cinematography: Manon Labrecque
Sound: Manon Labrecque
Director: Manon Labrecque
Categories :
FIFA Experimental


Not available online

World Premiere
Video actions about reunion.


Manon Labrecque

Manon Labrecque’s creative work is rooted in the body, in the attention given to physical sensations and in movement. It takes shape through video (single channel and installation), performance, drawing, photography and kinetic and sound installation. Duality, duplication, life and death, gravitation and levitation, and the process of transformation: these are the concepts that propel her artistic practice. Since 1991, Manon Labrecque has developed diverse strategies to grasp the vulnerability and strength of the human condition. She delves into the heart of being, into the deepest depths of her existential quest. Manon Labrecque lives and works in Montreal.

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Filmography | SELFie (2015) ; Double (2011) ; Se faire tout un scénario (2011) ; Entrevue (avec une célébrité) (2009) ; La fois où j’ai loué une caméra qui vaut cher (2008)

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