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L'affaire Caravage

France | 2019 | 86 min
French, English, Italian | Subtitles in English
Author: Frédéric Biamonti
Cinematography: Emilie Aujé, Emmanuelle Collinot, Raul Fernandez, Didier Hill-Derive, David Quesemand
Graphic creation: Romain Egea
Sound mixing: Philippe Charriot
Editing: Cédric Defert, Alexandre Landreau
Music: O'brazzer
Narration: Arthur Igual
Producer: Julie Guesnon, Justine Henochsberg
Sound: Alexandre Abrard, Laurent Herniaux, Patrick Mauroy, David Sandras, Jean-Luc Verdier
Composer: Jean-Christophe Cheneval
Translation: Julie Thomas
Director: Frédéric Biamonti


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North American Premiere

It is April 2016, and the art world is reeling from the discovery of a lost Caravaggio painting. Discovered by accident in an attic in Toulouse, the painting depicts Judith beheading Holofernes. The shockwaves reach all corners of the art world: debate rages over the painting’s true provenance, specialists argue, the French minister of culture applies an export ban, public curiosity mounts and the market waits with bated breath. The painting is estimated to reach a record €120 million at auction. But is it an original?

FIPADOC - Festival International Documentaire, France (2020)


Frédéric Biamonti


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Filmography | Sun City, l’antichambre du paradis (2004) ; Las Vegas Terminus (2011) ; Versailles, rois, princesses et présidents (2015) ; Arlette Farge, l’échappée belle (2009) ; L’affaire Caravage (2019)

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