L'Art du documentaire – 60 ans de cinéma direct vu par ses artisans et ses héritiers


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Presented in partnership with the National Film Board of Canada

Lead by Colette Loumède, Luc Bourdon, and Anita Hugi

In 1958, a new form of art expression is born at the NFB: direct cinema. 60 years later, it's time to celebrate its anniversary, with its artisans and inheritors, from all origins and generations. Among them: Josée Beaudet, Maurice Bulbulian, Jean-François Caissy, Claude Demers, Jacques Leduc, Catherine Hébert, Jean-Pierre Masse, and Annie St-Pierre. It's an easy game: each filmmaker presents a sequence from the NFB collections, illustrating its introduction to the direct cinema. Eventually, Nadine Beaudet and Danic Champoux will present a short screening of their work-in-progress film, La Fille du cratère, the quest for identity of Yolande Simard-Perrault and its incidence on filmmaker Pierre Perrault's work.

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