Le Faussaire de Vermeer

France | 2017 | 53 min
Author: Patrick Pesnot, Frédérique Tonolli
Editing: Serge Turquier
Music: Jean-Michel Dunyach
Cinematographer: Dimitri Kiptily


World Premiere

He is one of the greatest counterfeiters of all time. By himself, he bamboozled Goering and shook the world of art. Han Van Meegeren, a Dutch painter of the 20th century, “came up with” perfect replicas of Vermeer’s works. Had he not been forced to expose his deception due to a mishap, a few of his works would still be hanging on picture rails in prestigious museums. From Christ in the House of Martha and Mary, to Jesus and the Woman Taken in Adultery, to Supper at Emmaus, in only 8 years, Van Meegeren would create 14 paintings that would befuddle even the most influential merchants, the best experts, and the greatest collectors of the time. With this master stroke, he became the main actor in one of the most grandiose hoaxes to rock the world of art.


Frédéric Tonolli

Born in 1959, Frédéric Tonolli is a cameraman and filmmaker for over 20 years. He filmed and directed a lot of documentaries for public TV channels, and worked on television programs such as Faut pas rêver, Thalassa, or Envoyé spécial. Several documentaries that he directed have been awarded, including prestigious Albert Londres Prize.
Filmography | Moscou, la révolution de béton (2017) ; Bassorah, la Venise oubliée (2016) ; Karabagh (2016) ; La Guerre des étoiles, le gigantesque bluff de Ronald Reagan (2016) ; Kalachnikov vs M16 (2015) ; Tuez Hitler, la chance du Diable (2015) ; Normandie Niémen, les pilotes français à l’étoile rouge (2014) ; André Mare, caméléon de la grande guerre (2014) ; Belfast mon amour (2014) ; Bagdad mon amour (2014) ; Berlin mon amour (2013).

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