Le film de Bazin

Canada | 2017 | 70 min
Cinematography: Pierre Hébert
Distribution: Pierre Hébert
Editing: Pierre Hébert
Music: Robert Marcel Lepage
Narration: Michael Lonsdale
Producer: Pierre Hébert
Production: Pierre Hébert


In 1958, in the months before his death, the acclaimed film critic André Bazin began working on a short film about the Romanesque churches of the Saintonge, a film he would never finish. What remained were notes, scouting photographs and a script, in which he said, “the focus of the film, its centre of gravity and balance must be current,” and that it was about “explaining the incomparable charm of these churches in the daily life of the Saintonge today.” In this film dedicated to Bazin’s project, Pierre Hébert heeds these instructions, at the same time taking into account the changes that have occurred in the meantime: the fate of several of these churches, which have become tourist attractions, and life in the Saintonge. He combines real images and photos with drawings and lively conversations in a meditation on the passing of time, on a film that was never completed, on Bazin’s death, on restoration and the future of ruins and on modern-day life that continues in resonance with the old stones.


Pierre Hébert

From 1965 to 1999, in association with the National Film Board of Canada, Pierre Hébert made some 20 animated shorts as well as a feature, La plante humaine (1996). Since 2001, he has focused his career on visual art, travelled the world with various musicians to present live animated performances, worked with choreographers and published books about film. In 2005, he was awarded the Prix du Québec Albert-Tessier for lifetime achievement.
Filmography | Scratch (Triptyque-3) (2016) ; You Look Like Me / Tu ressembles à moi (2014) ; John Cage - Halberstadt (2013) ; Rivière au tonnerre (2011) ; Place Carnot-Lyon (2011) ; Praha-Florence (2010) ; Triptyque (2009) ; Herqueville (2007) ; La technologie des larmes (2005) ; Entre la science et les ordures (2003).

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