Le grand orchestre des animaux

France | 2016 | 30 min
English, French
Distribution: Thomas Deyries
Producer: Thomas Deyries
Production: Thomas Deyries
Concept: Thomas Deyries


Musician Bernie Krause compiled nearly 5,000 hours of audio recordings of wild natural habitats: animals, wind, rain, water, vegetation. This work provides an unrivalled exploration of these worlds.
Interactive creation available at the salon FIFA.

FREE ACCESS from 1PM to 11PM from March 23rd to April 1rst (The salon will exceptionnaly close at 7PM on April 1rst)


Thomas Deyries

Thomas Deyries is creative director at Upian, a French digital content studio founded in 1998, which has specialized over the years in creating media sites and digital communications devices for institutions and brands that wish to engage with the general public on topics with a strong social impact. For the past 10 years, Upian has also produced documentaries and played a part in pioneering the Web documentary in France and internationally.

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