Le Louvre Abu Dhabi, création d'un musée universel

France | 2017 | 52 min
Cinematography: Frédéric Balland, Yoan Cart, Pierre Laval-Maillis
Sound mixing: Xavier Thieulin
Editing: Alexandre Auque
Sound: Claude Marion, Rosalie Revoyre, David Thirion, Guillaume Valeix


Presented in partnership with Provencher_Roy

North American Premiere

How can an architectural concept bridge tradition and modernity, as well as cultures? That is the question that this documentary seeks to answer as it retells the construction of the Louvre Abu Dhabi. By exploring behind the scenes of this “universal museum”, which plays with spatial relations between inside and outside in everchanging light, we can better understand the creative process that guided architect Jean Nouvel as he gave birth to this museum of arts, born to withstand the desert’s climate at the crossroads between West and Middle-East. This film also addresses the educational and cultural issues that stem from the Louvre Abu Dhabi’s rise.


Patrick Ladoucette

Patrick Ladoucette first began as a photographer, and received several awards for his work. He has been involved in numerous shooting in Antarctica, turned into documentaries. Presently, he works for the greatest French museums and international exhibitions. He has been awarded several times at the Festival International de l'Audiovisuel sur le Patrimoine.
Filmography | Les Lumières de l’Islam (2012) ; XXe siècle, les nouveaux patrimoines (2004); Darwin et la science de l’évolution (2002) ; Africom, Lutte contre le trafic illicite des biens culturels africains (1998); La Nef de Charles Quint, le temps d’une renaissance (1998).

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