Le paradis, c'est ailleurs

Canada | 2017 | 52 min
Cinematography: Martin Duckworth
Distribution: Pleiades Production
Editing: Yigal Judah
Music: Robert Marcel Lepage
Producer: Jocelyne Clarke, Michel Tanguay
Production: Pleiades Production


In this film, Martin Duckworth presents a portrait of Edouard Lachapelle. Painter, graphic designer, art critic, curator, historian and cultural mediator, Lachapelle is a rarity in this era of specialization. He is more of a Renaissance man, whose process is as creative as it is intellectual. For more than 20 years, he was one of the pioneers and leading members of the Fondation pour l’art thérapeutique et l’art brut au Québec, better know as Impatients. Well established on Montreal’s cultural scene, Impatients offers creative workshops to people struggling with mental problems, in addition to disseminating their works and those of many artists. With commentary by his friends and colleagues, the film pays tribute to Lachapelle’s unique contribution to Quebec culture.


Martin Duckworth

Martin Duckworth has been a filmmaker since the early 1960s, when he joined the National Film Board of Canada. He has directed and shot some 30 independent documentaries and acted as director of photography on at least 70 others. A tireless activist and mentor, he has received many honours, including Artist for Peace in 2002. In 2015, he was awarded the Prix Albert Tessier (Prix du Québec) for his body of work.
Filmography | Article One (1998) ; Cher Père Noël (1999) ; Peacable Kingdom (2000) ; Bozo: Assistance Dog (2000) ; The Furthest Possible Place (2001) ; Des gains pour tout le monde (2003) ; Acting Blind (2006) ; La bataille de Rabaska (2008) ; Fouad's Dream (2012) ; Fennario….The Good Fight (2014).

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