Le pavillon des douze

Belgium | 2016 | 49 min
French | Subtitles in English
Cinematography: Jean Pierre VanderElst
Distribution: IMAGECREATION.com
Producer: Martine Barbé, Wilbur Leguebe, Isabelle Christiaens
sound design: Margarida Guia
additional sounds: Henri Morelle
muisicians: Nathalie Estevenin, Sacha Stefanovic, Jason Van Gulick, Tom Cohen, Hernâni Faustino
Additional music: 12 Variations De "Ah, Vous Dirai-Je, Maman" - K265 De Mozart Interprété Au Piano Par Sacha Stefanovic
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FIFA Competition


Presented in partnership with ICI ARTV

Somewhere along a canal in Wallonia is a pavilion housing twelve paintings… a museum within everyone’s reach. Director Claude François poetically immerses us in these twelve pictorial worlds, guided by twelve Belgian authors. The eye of the camera leads us into the heart of the canvases, revealing the multiple narratives unfolding within paintings by Gilberte Dumont, Paul Bril, Jos Albert, Léon Frédéric, Roger Goossens, Théo van Rysselberghe, Félicien Rops, Louis Van Spiegele, Cécile Douard, André Stas, Henri Bles, and an anonymous artist. This very personal anthology brings together works from all eras and all styles from private collections and museums throughout the Wallonia-Brussels Federation. An innovative and accessible history of Belgian art.


Claude François

Belgian writer-director Claude François has made numerous documentaries on art, many of them prize-winning. Charles et Félicien (1994) received a Jury Mention at the 5th Biennale du film sur l’art at the Centre Georges Pompidou; Le défilé des toiles (1997) won the Award for Best Film for Television at the 18th FIFA. In addition, his film Le désordre alphabétique (2012) was selected for the 31st FIFA.
Filmography | Le désordre alphabétique (2012) ; À bout portant (2006) ; La chaîne sans fin (2003) ; Une journée ordinaire (2003) ; Le défilé des toiles (1997) ; Charles et Félicien (1994) ; Le jeu des figures (1994) ; Le Pavillon des passions humaines (1989) ; Un oiseau sur le quai (1985) ; Le palais des merveilles (1981).

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Le pavillon des douze
FIFA Competition

Le pavillon des douze

Belgium | 49 min | 2016

French | Subtitles in English

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