The International Festival of Films on Art - 39TH Edition from March 16 to 28, 2021

Le rêve d'Ida

Canada | 2019 | 26 min
Cinematography: Antoine Amnotte-Dupuis
Lighting: Kenny Lafrenière
Sound mixing: Ariel Harrod
Editing: Frédéric Dallaire
Music: Ida Toninato
Sound: Chantal Dumas, Simon Gervais, Louis Trottier
Director: Frédéric Dallaire
Categories :
FIFA Experimental


World Premiere

Accompanied by several sound recorders, the musician Ida Toninato plays the baritone saxophone in reverberated places: the members of this musical and cinematographic group walk in sound, in space, in time. This film with few images and a lot of sounds shares these concrete and fantasized listening, from the ship's hold to the cathedral to a huge concrete building.
This work focuses on how music changes our understanding of spaces and renews our experience of sound in the cinema. Ida’s saxophone and voice, mixed from several sound recordings (mono, stereo, surround ...), invite the viewer to pursue this process of exchange and improvisation. When the picture goes out and the sound envelops us, the movie theater is filled with imaginary figures. Music is here inseparable from an interaction between places and people.


Frédéric Dallaire

Filmography | Dynamique de la pénombre (2012) ; Le Raquetteur (2009)

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