Le Voyage intérieur de Gauguin

France | 2017 | 4 min
French, English, German
Animation: Alix Michel
Author: Hayoun Kwon
Cinematography: Edouard Cour, Mathieu Thonon
Graphic creation: Guillaume Bertinet, Maxime Grange, Thomas Lépine, Alix Michel, Quentin Renaud
Sound mixing: Norman Bambi, Benjamin Frydman
Music: Norman Bambi
Narration: David Negroni
Producer: Hadrien Lanvin, Jeremy Moirano
Sound: Norman Bambi
Programmer: Julien Le Corre
Designer: Fabrice Gaston


Presented in partnership with FIG55 Productions and Rakoon studio

North American Premiere

In this immersive journey to the heart of painter Paul Gauguin’s imagination, we are enthralled by a mesmerizing ballet of colors. As in a dream, the major works of art Joyeusetés (Arearea) and La Femme à la fleur (Vahine no te tiare) come to life, intertwined with testimonies left by the artist. Experience the painter’s first journey in Tahiti thanks to this work in virtual reality that gathers paintings and thoughts.


Kwon Hayoun

Hayoun Kwon is a multimedia artist and co-founder of Innerspace VR. She mainly works on narration as the construction of collective and individual memory, through the directing of stories, circumstances that she lived or she imagined. Exploring the possibilities offered by the new technologies to play the confusion between real memories and dreamed actions, between faithful testimony and fantasized interpretation, it questions what is transmitted, what is trace or dark in oblivion. Her work has been shown at the Centre Pompidou Cinéma du Réel festival, Paris, Doc Fortnight at the MoMA, New York, and at the Palais de Tokyo, Paris.
Filmography | L’Oiseleuse (2017) ; D.M.Z: Memories of a No Man's Land (2015) ; Village modèle (2014) ; Manque de preuves (2011) ; Des murs (2010).

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