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Léonard de Vinci : Le chef d'oeuvre redécouvert

France | 2019 | 90 min
French, Italian | Subtitles in French
Author: Frederic Wilner
Director: Frederic Wilner


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North American Premiere

Was the “Madonna of the Yarnwinder” really painted by Leonardo da Vinci? To answer this question, researchers and art restorers analyze the painting's style and composition, the quality of the original paint layer and nature of the pigments, and Da Vinci’s letters. They also compare the painting with its various copies, as well as with the Mona Lisa and the Virgin and Child with Saint Anne, two masterpieces painted in the same period and now housed in the Louvre. This film is an in-depth investigation that seeks to unravel the mystery surrounding the painting. Digital technologies are used to investigate Da Vinci’s life, marked as it was by triumphs and failures.


Frédéric Wilner

Frederic Wilner started to work as a journalist, mostly for M6, the 6th private channel in France. He later was part of the crew of a popular news program, Zone Interdite, for which he directed various 26 minutes segments as well as longer features, on domestic and world issues. He then joined a new program, "Des Racines et des Ailes", on France 3, part of France Television, as it was initiated. He was alternatively editor in chief of the program and director for various features. He directed several documentaries on archeological excavations, mostly in Egypt and Sudan, including two features dedicated on the Louvre Museum excavation in Saqqarah, Egypt, which were very successful in France and abroad. In 2010, Frederic Wilner started in own production company, Iliade production, in order to finance documentaries with high quality standards, mostly for Arte, the joint French-German cultural channel. Frederic writes, directs and produces a dozen documentaries, including the series "Paris-Berlin" and "Amsterdam, London, New York", on the history of the great western metropolis. He also works in the field of archeology, with the series "the downfall of civilizations", "Angkor rediscovered" as well as "King Tut true story", which investigates the world famous funerary treasure. His last documentary, on the Virgin with the Yarnwinder", is an exclusive rediscovery of a painting likely painted by Leonardo da Vinci.

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Filmography | Léonard de Vinci : le chef d’œuvre redécouvert ; Toutankhamon : le trésor redécouvert ; Amsterdam, Londres, New York : trois villes à la conquête du monde ; Paris-Berlin, destins croisés ; La chancellerie d’Orléans, résurrection d’un chef d’œuvre

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