Les 24 heures du roman – Sur les traces de Champlain

Canada | 2016 | 52 min
Cinematography: Christopher Katsarov, Simon Madore
Distribution: Machine Gum Productions
Editing: Sara Cabrera-Arragon, Simon Madore
Music: Sarah Neufeld, Colin Stetson
Producer: David Baeta, Philippe Burnet, Simon Madore
Sound: Frédéric Edwards, François Proulx
Production: Machine Gum Productions


Presented in partnership with Unis TV.

On October 23, 2015 in Halifax, twenty-four writers embarked on a 24-hour journey aboard The Ocean train to write a novel together. After travelling across Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Quebec and Ontario, they made their way to Toronto, replicating Champlain’s route upon his arrival in Canada. Twenty-four writers from Acadia, France, Ontario, Quebec and the First Nations produced a mosaic of stories exploring the past, but also the present and future. The Machine Gum Productions crew, led by filmmaker Simon Madore, captured some of the key moments of this creative voyage outside time. Its final destination: the publication of a novel of nearly 67,200 words written during this 24-hour marathon.

A production by a member of APFC (Alliance des Producteurs Francophones du Canada).


Simon Madore

Born in Montreal and now living in Toronto, director and producer Simon Madore has made numerous documentaries. In 2013, he directed La portée des mots and Lavoie sans frontières. The following year, he teamed up with producer David Baeta and journalist Philippe Burnet to found the Toronto production company Machine Gum, with which he produced the shows Balade à Toronto (2014-2016), Couleurs locales (2015-2016) and Ma vie made in Canada (2017).
Filmography | Ma vie made in Canada (2017) ; P'tite Jasette (2015) ; Couleurs locales (2015-2016) ; Balade à Toronto (2014-2016) ; BRBR (2014) ; Carte de visite (2014) ; 360 (2013) ; Plein les vues (2013) ; Lavoie sans frontières (2013) ; Les verts contre-attaquent! (2013) ; La portée des mots (2013) ; RelieF (2011) ; VOLT (2004-2011).

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