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Les aventures de « Histoire du soldat »

Switzerland | 2018 | 53 min
French | Subtitles in French
Animation: Jean-Baptiste Perrin
Cinematography: David Aim, Daniel Guinand
Sound mixing: Fred Kohler
Editing: Anouk Zivy
Producer: Cédric Bonin, Heinz Dill
Script: Michel Van Zele
Sound: Bjorn Cornelius
Director: Michel Van Zele


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Canadian Premiere

In 1918, composer Igor Stravinsky, writer Charles-Ferdinand Ramuz and conductor Ernest Ansermet decided to create a travelling musical production that would profoundly influence the music of the 20th century. Their work entitled Histoire du soldat brought together various forms of expression in what was an innovative new art form. Making its Canadian premiere, this documentary by Michel Van Zele celebrates this literary and musical creation, revisited in 2018 by the Opéra de Lyon and the Opéra de Lausanne. Featuring archival images, animations, interviews and magnificent music, this documentary takes us on a journey back in time.

Festival International du Film d’Histoire, France (2018)


Michel Van Zele


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Filmography | Les Caravage de Philippe de Be?thune, l'ombre d'un doute (2008) ; Freddy Buache, passeur du 7e art (2007) ; Henri Dutilleux, à portée de voix (2003) ; Lyon/Satolas - un monde à part (1997) ; Gueules noires de pères en fils (1996)

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