Les jeux d'Hitler – Berlin 1936

France | 2016 | 87 min
Cinematography: Renaud Personnaz
Distribution: TERRANOA
Editing: Isabelle Poudevigne
Music: Marc-Olivier Dupin
Narration: Denis Podalydès
Producer: Dominique Tibi


While watching images captured just eight decades ago at the 1936 Olympic Games, one would almost forget that they were shot in the throes of Nazi Germany. The triumph of Jesse Owens, who won four gold medals in Berlin, still seems to enshrine the victory of sport and the Olympic ideal, as if the young black American athlete had been our champion who was able to vanquish, in a sportive way, the Nazi monster. Using only archival documents and unreleased amateur films, Jérôme Prieur's film chronicles the massive propaganda operation launched by Hitler in 1933. After witnessing the preparation and orchestration of a performance that dealt more with politics than sport, we come to realize that the 1936 Olympic Games were a game of appearances.


Jérôme Prieur

French filmmaker Jérôme Prieur is also the author of a dozen books. He has made several acclaimed documentaries about history, the arts, literature and the beginnings of Christianity. His film adaptation of the journals of Hélène Berr was honoured with the 2015 documentary award from the Association française de la critique. Le Mur de l’Atlantique, monument de la collaboration (2010) and Vivement le cinema (2011) were both screened at FIFA.
Filmography | Le triomphe des images il y a 1000 ans (2016) ; Métamorphoses (2015) ; Jésus et l'islam (2013-2015) ; L'autre vie (2014) ; Hélène Berr, une jeune fille dans Paris occupé (2013) ; Le petit musée de Clémence d?Ennery (2013) ; Dieppe 19 août 1942 (2012) ; Vivement le cinéma (2011) ; Gisèle Freund, 5 mars 1939 (2011) ; À propos du procès Barbie (2011).

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Switzerland | 6 min | 2016

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