The International Festival of Films on Art - 38th edition from March 17 to 29, 2020

L'Esprit Le Corbusier

France | 2018 | 52 min
French, English, Spanish | Subtitles in French
Author: Gilles Coudert
Cinematography: Gilles Coudert, Damien Faure
Editing: Damien Faure
Sound: Gilles Coudert, Damien Faure
Voice: Charles Berling
Director: Gilles Coudert
Categories :
Carte blanche


Carte blanche à Pascale Raynaud du musée du Louvre
Presented with the support of the Consulat général de France in Quebec

Pascale Raynaud est responsable de la programmation cinéma et de la collection de films sur l’art au musée du Louvre, à Paris. Amie du festival, elle a accepté la proposition du FIFA de monter sa propre programmation.

World Premiere

Fascinated since childhood with the work of Le Corbusier, director Gilles Coudert decided to seek out artists who, like him, had been greatly influenced by the work of the celebrated architect, known as the inventor of the unité d’habitation, a theoretical reflection around community living. Born in Firminy and having lived in the largest apartment block designed by Le Corbusier, Coudert early developed a sensitivity to the structures around him that challenge the relationship between aesthetics and function. Offering the views of many artists from various disciplines, this documentary highlights the influence Le Corbusier’s work had on an entire generation of creators.


Gilles Coudert

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