Canada | 2016 | 54 min
French, English | Subtitles in English
Cinematography: Josée Deshaies
Distribution: DATSIT
Editing: Mathieu Bouchard-Malo
Music: Alexandra Stréliski
Producer: Edith Jorisch
Sound: Cyril Bourseaux, Christian Rivest
Production: DATSIT
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FIFA Competition


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In The Heir, director Édith Jorisch discovers the incredible hidden story of her grandfather, Georges Jorisch. Born into the Jewish intellectual community in Vienna, Georges grew up in a family of art collectors whose vast collection included works by Gustav Klimt and Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller. In 1938, when Georges was 10 years old, the paintings were stolen by German troops and the family herded into Nazi internment camps. Georges Jorisch survived the war and emigrated to Montreal. Seventy years later, seeking justice for his family and children, he sets out to recover the paintings that were taken from them.


Edith Jorisch

Edith Jorisch graduated from UQÀM with a communication and screenwriting degree. She currently works as a film director and art director in Montreal. After making a number of prizewinning short films, she directed her first documentary feature, L’héritier (2016).
Filmography | The Rules (2013) ; Les interdits (2011) ; Les petites chimères (2011).

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French, English | Subtitles in English