L'Homme de l'Isle


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Presented in partnership with VIA Rail and Vie des arts

World Premiere – Director, Gilles Gagné, and Gina Vézina in attendance

At the heart of the St. Lawrence River, on Isle-aux-Oyes and Isle-aux-Grues, a legend hunter discovers the beauty of art and the majestic landscapes that surround it. Gilles Gagné is a veritable incarnation of the land where he lives and works as a hunting guide, in close harmony with the four elements, history, and memory. For 30 years, Gilles Gagné guided painter Jean-Paul Riopelle on epic goose hunts. In this documentary, he accompanies contemporary artist Marc Séguin on well-known roads that he visits yearly, the same roads that inspired Riopelle in the creation of his most famous piece, Tribute to Rosa Luxemburg. A hymn to nature, and a tribute to art.

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