Lida Moser photographe: Odyssée en noir et blanc

Canada | 2017 | 26 min
English, French
Animation: Joyce Borenstein
Music: Jean-olivier Bégin
Producer: Richard Elson
Sound: Gervais Simon
Voice: Joyce Borenstein, Moser Lida


Director in attendance (Montreal and Quebec City)

New York photographer Lida Moser (1920-2014), who worked for Vogue magazine, scoured the province of Quebec in the summer of 1950. She took over 1,000 photos of a country and a society on the verge of modernity. 60 years later, Lida Moser recalls and narrates her historic trip. As she recounts her journey, this short film presents a captivating flow of photos, animations, and accelerated footage, accompanied by the photographer’s voice and archived footage.

English version will be screened at Montreal, french version will be screened at Quebec City.


Joyce Borenstein

Joyce Borenstein is a producer, director, and animator specialized in combining animation with documentary. In 1992, she directed, wrote, and animated The Colours of My Father: A Portrait of Sam Borenstein, which garnered 9 International Awards, including a Genie Award, and an Academy Award Nomination. She taught animated filmmaking in Cinema at Concordia University, until 2008.
Filmography | Mother's Colours (2012) ; One Divided by Two: Kids and Divorce (1997) ; Colours of My Father (1991) ; The Plant (1984) ; Five Billion Years (1980) ; Traveller's Palm (1978).

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