Live Art: Take Me (I'm Yours)

France | 2016 | 26 min
Cinematography: Lionel Jan Kerguistel, Arthur Cemin
Distribution: Camera Lucida Productions
Editing: Alexandre Landreau
Producer: François Bertrand
Sound: François Devin, Patrick Mauroy
Production: Camera Lucida Productions


Who said you should never touch works of art? During the presentation of the exhibition Take Me (I'm Yours) at Monnaie de Paris in 2015, the museum’s galleries were emptied. The works on display were not for sale but offered for free to visitors who, toting large canvas bags handed out at the entrance, enthusiastically handled and carted away everything they could get their hands on. More than 20 years after the legendary Paris exhibition of the same name, conceived in 1994 by Christian Boltanski and Hans Ulrich Obrist, the project has been revisited and proves to be as topical as ever. In his film, Heinz Pierre Schwerfel combines commentary and works by the more than 20 artists featured in this exhibition, creating a timely conversation around contemporary art.


Heinz Pierre Schwerfel

Born in Germany in 1954, Heinz Pierre Schwerfel has worked as an art and film critic from an early age, publishing numerous books on contemporary art. The founder and artistic director of the Kino der Kunst film festival in Munich, he has also written and directed some sixty documentaries on contemporary art, theatre and literature since 1985. For ARTE, he directed and produced the first seven episodes of the successful Design series (1999-2003).
Filmography | La cité étrange des Kabakov (2014) ; Le monde selon Kapoor (2011) ; Annette Messager - Pudique/Publique (2010) ; Les Vies possibles de Christian Boltanski (2009) ; Bruce Nauman - Make Me Think (1997) ; Jannis Kounellis - Frammenti di un diario (1997) ; Rebecca Horn - Un concert érotique (1993) ; Georg Baselitz (1987-2004) ; Malstrom (1985).

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Belgium | 67 min | 2016

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