Luc Cousineau : Homme des grands chemins

Canada | 2016 | 48 min
Cinematography: François Blanchette
Distribution: Groupe PVP Inc.
Editing: Nélie Pelletier
Producer: Vincent Leroux, Vic Pelletier
Sound: Guy Kaye
Production: Groupe PVP Inc.


Without knowing it, Quebeckers have been humming Luc Cousineau’s jingles for years. Cousineau grew up in a musical family, surrounded by his two brothers: one a composer, the other the founder of the École des Petits Violons. While he is known for his arrangements and his catchy tunes, he was also a singer songwriter with the duo Les Alexandrins and later, Luc et Lise, with his wife, Lise Vachon. He also made several highly personal albums, without regard for passing trends. With commentary by his daughter, Karine Cousineau and his associates, along with his own accounts, the film presents the work of this passionate musician who forged a career in music with bold determination.


Nathalie Pelletier

Nathalie Pelletier has worked on documentaries, TV news magazines, web videos, corporate videos and art installations. Altogether, she has completed some thirty projects in both French and English. Before beginning her directing career twelve years ago, she gained experience at various positions in the communications and television sectors. She has conducted over 10,000 interviews and worked with most of Quebec’s major television networks.

Filmography | Dan Bigras, les bleus de l'ange animal (2017), Voyage au bout de la nuit - Dans les coulisses de la création (2012-2013), Big Bang, la genèse de la création (2011), Inspiration Jazz (2007-2008).

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