Lucky Luke – La fabrique du western européen

France | 2016 | 53 min
Cinematography: Pierre Maïllis-Laval
Distribution: Label Image
Editing: Ronan Sinquin
Music: Samuel Hirsch
Narration: Garance Thenault
Producer: Thibaut Chatel, Guillaume Galliot, Laurence Chanut
Sound: Kevin Bally
Production: Label Image


From October 14, 2017, to January 21, 2018, the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts will be presenting the exhibition Once Upon a Time ... The Western: A New Frontier in Art and Film. In America and abroad, the myth of the exotic Wild West captured the imagination of an entire generation. Belgian cartoonist Maurice de Bévère, known as Morris, fantasized about the gunslingers who roamed the American Great Plains and invented the character of Lucky Luke. From his early sketches to the now world-famous version of his cowboy, developed with scripts by Goscinny, the film looks at Morris’s career and his various influences. In this madcap portrait of Lucky Luke who, although now 70 years old, is still just as quick on the draw, French filmmaker Guillaume Podrovnik presents the mythical cartoon cowboy from a variety of angles.


Guillaume Podrovnik

Guillaume Podrovnik has worked in radio (news stories on Arte radio) and the print media (correspondent in Asia, press cartoonist in Hong Kong). He is also the author of the comic book Tout doit disparaître!, producer of the digital comic strip Anne Frank au pays du manga, and has produced historical documentaries such as Général Ishiwara, l'homme qui déclencha la guerre (2012). Today, he works primarily as a documentary filmmaker: Pif, l'envers du gadget (2014) and Lucky Luke, la fabrique du western européen (2016).
Filmography | Lucky Luke, la fabrique du western européen (2016) ; Sexe, drogue et Pif le chien (2015) ; Pif l'envers du gadget (2014) ; Butterfly Holocaust (2012) ; Anne Frank au pays du manga (2012) ; Général Ishiwara, l'homme qui déclencha la guerre (2012)

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