Mada Underground

France | 2016 | 55 min
French | Subtitles in English
Author: Philippe Chevallier, Denis Sneguirev
Graphic creation: Sarah Gadrey
Sound mixing: Paul Evrard
Sound: Christophe De Pinho
Artists: Nathy Caly, Caylah Caylah, Temandrote Temandrote


North American Premiere

They are called Caylah, Naty, Kaly, Tote, Temandrota.They are slam poets, graffiti artists, visual artists, skaters. They are dreamers or pragmatists, dissenters, subversive or spiritual. They are Mada Underground. They struggle every day to make a living with their alternative art and cling to their dreams. This film offers a unique immersion in a lively and dissenting Madagascar where being an artist is easier said than done.


Denis Sneguirev

Denis Sneguirev studied Languages at the Lobachevsky State University of Nizhny Novgorod, Russia, and Documentary Filmmaking at Lomonosov Moscow State University for two years. Since 2001, he works and lives in France, working on documentary projects dealing with history, classic culture, or human rights.
Filmography | Valaam, les voix des Pâques russes (2015) ; Yuri Grigorovitch, l'âge d'or (2015) ; Saint-Éxupéry, le dernier chevalier du ciel (2014) ; Danser le printemps à l'automne (2012) ; Bolchoï, une renaissance (2011) ; Entre ours et loup (2007) ; Padre Andres (2005) ; Les Gardiens du bolchoï (2004).

Philippe Chevallier

Philippe Chevallier studied History and Geography at Paris X Nanterre University. After that, he wrote an essay about an Amazonian ethnic group, a project for which he became assistant director. Since then he traveled to many countries holding a camera, and worked on documentary projects.
Filmography | Danser le printemps à l'automne (2012) ; Mon corps mon lieu (2010) ; Un petit peu d'air (2009) ; Niko (2008) ; Un soleil à Kaboul (2007) ; De Manaus à Manoa (2002) ; La Loi de la jungle (2001).

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Mada Underground
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French | Subtitles in English

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