Magritte, la trahison des images

France | 2016 | 52 min
Author: Didier Ottinger
Cinematography: Rodolphe Soucaret
Editing: Philippe Baillon
Music: Jérôme Dedina
Narration: Muriel Combeau, Eric Depreter, Gabor Rassov
Producer: Olivier Mille
Production: Artline Films


“My paintings are thoughts made visible,” said Magritte. This carefully researched film by Sylvain Bergère examines the mind of a man who, among other things, took up painting. Magritte embarked on his Surrealist adventure in 1923, after seeing a reproduction of Giorgio de Chirico’s Song of Love. For the first time, he felt he was looking at an image that was directly connected to the realm of the spirit. Magritte remained true to this initial realization right up until his final work. At a major retrospective at the Centre Pompidou in Paris in fall 2016, the filmmaker analyzed the Belgian painter’s vast body of work in an attempt to understand how he developed a rich and varied pictorial language based on symbols, some of them very simple.


Sylvain Bergère

Documentary filmmaker Sylvain Bergère started as a press photographer in 1986. He then began a highly active career as a television director with such shows as Lunettes noires pour nuits blanches, Paris Dernière, as well as numerous videos. He has written and directed several documentaries of a cultural, sociological or political nature for France’s major networks, including ARTE and France Télévisions.
Filmography | Les Grands Mythes (2016) ; Les batailles du Louvre (2016) ; Jupé, le ressuscité (2016) ; 24 heures en 1913 (2014) ; Tiki Pop (2014) ; La Hongrie de Peter Nadas & Peter Esterhazy (2013) ; Contre Histoire de l’internet (2013) ; L’Europe des écrivains (2013) ; Histoire d’homos (2012) ; Apple : La tyrannie du cool (2011).

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