The International Festival of Films on Art - 38th edition from March 17 to 29, 2020


United States | 2016 | 7 min
- Without dialogue
Cinematography: Luca Fortini, Simone Verona
Cast: Laura Boato, Lorenzano Michela
Editing: Laura Cappellesso
Music: Bottega Baltazar
Choreography: Laura Boato
Composer: Bottega Baltazar
Director: Nancy Allison, Laura Boato


Quebec Premiere - In attendance of the director Nancy Allison.

Perched high on the ledge of a marble quarry, a sculpture waits to emerge from the rough walls that imprison it. Flesh and stone, sculptor and sculpture – the question arises: who is creating whom?


Nancy Allison

Filmography | L'eau sur la Pierre (2018) ; Hamadryad (2014)

Laura Boato

Filmography | First major film.

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