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MC 360

| 2018 | 17 min
Author: Manon Della Torre (Maquillage), Grégory Sacré (Teaser)
Other: Loeiz Perreux (Electricien), Dorian Lebeau (Electricien), Ronan Le Borgne (Directeur De Production), Mario Raulin (Chargé De Production), Cindy Lemaire (Administratrice De Production), (Moyens Techniques) Sourdoreille Production, Transpalux, Locson, Invisu Studio
Cast: DJ Weedim, 6Rano, Gérard Baste, Brav, Biffty, Chilla, Cheu-B, Davodka, Dinos, Guizmo, Jarod, Sidi Sid, Still Fresh
Editing: Nicolas Millet
Cinematographer: Mario Raulin
Manager: Romain Bourceau
Script: Paul Marquis
Sound: Axel Dachet
Production: ARTE France
Director: Sami Battikh
Categories :
FIFA Interactive


"New technologies, what do you think?" Here is the question we asked the rappers who are members of the MC360 project. Selfies, smartphones, snaps and stories… The joys and shortcomings of society 3.0 inspired freestyles laid atop music by DJ Weedim, all captured in 360°. At the microphone of MC360, twelve young French rappers: Gérard Baste, Davodka, Chilla, Biffty, Guizmo, Jarod, DINOS, Still Fresh, Cheu B, 6Rano, Sidi Sid and Brav. Twelve artists, twelve styles, twelve points of view. To tie it all together, DJ Weedim plays the red threads: behind his turntables, he accompanies each of the invited artists.

But MC360 is not just music, far from it. In addition to having recorded these freestyles with 360° cameras, each song was "pimped" with visual effects signed by the FCINQ studio. Superimposed words, light effects, shaky animations... The universe of the twelve rappers unfolds on headphones as well as on screen.

As you can see, MC360 is above all a collaborative project: beatmakers, MC, graphic designers and videographers have worked hand in hand to honor hip-hop cultures. Put on your VR headset, put on your headphones and immerse yourself in the MC360 experience!

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