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Mingus Erectus

France | 2018 | 75 min
French | Subtitles in English
Author: Noël Balen
Sound mixing: Félix Rémy
Editing: Amaury Voslion
Music: Etienne Gauthier
Artists: Marius Atherton, Noël Balen, Stéphane Belmondo, Emmanuel Bex, Philip Catherine, Julien Cavard, Thomas De Pourquery, Jean-Luc Debattice, Antoine Demankté, Thomas Encho, David Enhco, Glenn Ferris, Ricky Ford, Julie Fournier, Philippe Gaillot, Etienne Gauthier, Irène Jacol, Philippe Jakko, Michel Jonasz, Noura Keita, Danny Kendrick, Khondo, Mike Ladd, Géraldine Laurent, Viktor Lazlo, David Linx, Passi, Dominique Pinon, Michel Portal, Steve Potts, Arthur Ribo, Annick Tangorra, Jacky Terrasson, Jessy Salomé Ugolin, Bojan Zulfikarpasic
Director: Amaury Voslion
Categories :
FIFA Competition


This film is available online HERE

North American Premiere

With the support of the Sacem

Music can change the lives of those who listen to it. This was the case for author Noël Balen, who was inspired to write a collection of poems, accompanied by a record, as a tribute to legendary double bassist Charles Mingus. A genuine work of art, this documentary filmed in black and white hooks us into the bewitching world of jazz. Artists and singers give voice to Balen’s poems, accompanied by the immortal music of Mingus. A dazzling musical voyage, as bold as it is inventive.

Festival à l'est, France (2019) – Audience Award
Mediawave Film and Music Festival, Hungary (2019) - Special Jury Prize
Copenhagen Jazz Film Festival, Denmark (2020)


Amaury Voslion

Passionate about photography since always, Amaury Voslion directed in 1995 his first short film L'espace d'un instant. He then directed four other shortsTroisième oeil, Trouble, N.Y, Jules & Romy.In 2005, Magnificat Films and TPS entrusted him with the direction of his first television film"Lumière", with Philippe Nahon, Manuel Blanc, Anne Roussel et Florence Loiret Caille.His great mastery of the image and his strong sense of aesthetics led him to produce clips, corporate films and commercials internationally and especially in China, for clients such as WWF, McDonalds or Air France.He is currently developing his first fiction feature film.

Biographies have been provided by third parties.
Filmography | Fictions Jules & Romy (2012) ; Lenny Is Back (2007) ; Lumiere (2005) ; N.Y (2004) ; Trouble (2003)

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