Miró, dans la couleur de ses rêves

France | 2018 | 52 min
Director: Jean-Michel Meurice


Presented in Quebec city at the MNBAQ

Canadian Premiere

Inventing his own path step by step, Joan Miro (1893–1983), the great painter, sculptor, and printmaker, was one of the leaders of the surrealist movement. This documentary examines the first 20 decisive years in Miro’s life, revealing his different creative phases, from realism to a poetic system of symbolic signs. Through tangible pieces, bits of paper, and notebooks, the film justifies the fascination with this brilliant, multifaceted artist who worked with different media over the course of his career.

This film will also be presented in Montreal on March 21st and 30th.


Jean-Michel Meurice

Screenings playing this movie

Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec - Auditorium Sandra et Alain Bouchard, Pavillon Pierre Lassonde
Screening # MNBAQ08
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