Mist of Seeds: Yoshinobu Nakagawa

Japan | 2017 | 22 min
- Without dialogue
Music: Chris Zabriskie
Artists: Yoshinobu Nakagawa


World Premiere

Mist of Seeds is a silent but poetic film, mirror of the art of Yoshinobu Nakagawa who has been creating works with papers and fabrics, at the crossroads of painting and sculpture. This 22-minute film shows, with exceptional mastery, the traditional art of Japan in the inspiring setting of nature. Works transported in a natural environment, thus take on a new symbolic value. By following the artist's patient work, in contact with the drawing, the material, this film offers a contemplative look at a work of great quality.


Yasushi Kishimoto

Born in Kyoto in 1961, Yasushi Kishimoto is a documentary filmmaker, working mainly for Ufer! Art Documentary, a production company based in Kyoto, Japan.
Filmography | Veni-Imo: Tabaimo (2011) ; Morimura (2011-2005) ; Imo-la: Tabaimo (2007) ; Living in the Foot of a Mountain Yoshinobu Nakagawa 1995-2004 (2004) ; Oimo: Tabaimo (2003) ; Our Museum (2002) ; Hatsu-Imo: Tabaimo (2001) ; Krzysztof Wodiczko: Projection in Hiroshima (2000).

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Screening # 21
Mist of Seeds: Yoshinobu Nakagawa
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Mist of Seeds: Yoshinobu Nakagawa

Japan | 22 min | 2017

- Without dialogue

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