Modernité indienne – L'Architecture de Raj Rewal

France | 2017 | 96 min
English, French | Subtitles in French
Author: Manu Rewal
Cinematography: Ashraf Islahuddin
Graphic creation: Yann Bellet
Sound mixing: Ivan Gariel
Editing: Manu Rewal
Producer: Manu Rewal
Sound: P. D. Valson
Voice: Inder Misra, Delphine Montaigne
Production: Isabelle Danto, V. Krishnan, Sylvain Wolff


Presented in partnership with Provencher_Roy

World Premiere

When Raj Rewal returned to India in 1962, after studying architecture and having various artistic and professional experiences in London and Paris, he wished to create a different architecture for this new nation facing major challenges. He drew lessons from the masterpieces of Indian architecture, pragmatically overcame the opposition between tradition and modernity, and created an original and human architecture respectful of nature. A fascinating portrait of a man who, over the decades, has participated through his iconic projects – individual house, collective housing, exhibition halls, offices, library of the Indian Parliament – in building modern India.


Manu Rewal

Born in New Delhi, Manu Rewal studied Film and Theatre in Paris and New York. In the early 1990s, he came back to Delhi and set up his production company, Duniya Vision India Pvt. Ltd. Between 1990 and 2000, he made 12 documentaries on architecture and urbanism in India. 7 were selected in International film festivals and 3 received awards.
Filmography | Contemporary Spaces, Indian Light (2011) ; Medieval Marvels (2011) ; Celle qui est partie (2009) ; Chai Pani etc. (2004) ; Hollywood ki Pukar (2002) ; The Parliament Library of India (2002) ; Le Corbusier en Inde (2000) ; Jantar Mantar – Charting the Heavens (1998) ; Chandigarh – Search for Modernity (1998) ; Datia & Orcha – The Spirit of Innovation (1999) ; Lutyens’ New Delhi (1999) ; Fatehpur Sikri – Akbar's Vision in Stone (1997) ; Udaipur – A Romance with Nature (1997) ; Mandu – The City of Joy (1996) ; Jaisalmer (1995) ; Fusion (1994) ; Resonance (1991).

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Centre Canadien d’Architecture – Théâtre Paul-Desmarais / Canadian Centre for Architecture – Paul-Desmarais Theatre
Screening # 16
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Canada | 14 min | 2017

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Modernité indienne – L'Architecture de Raj Rewal
FIFA Special Screenings

Modernité indienne – L'Architecture de Raj Rewal

France | 96 min | 2017

English, French | Subtitles in French