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Mouffe, muse et mentore

Canada | 2020 | 45 min
Director: Carmel Dumas


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World Premiere -

The muse of New Wave filmmakers, including the young Robert Charlebois, Mouffe began her career as an actor and songwriter. She went on to dedicate more than 50 years of her life to the Quebec arts scene, which, with passion and originality, she has helped to anchor at the heart of Francophone culture. Co-creator alongside Jean-Guy Moreau of the Revue Yéyé and with a leading role in several Quebec films, she is also a seasoned songwriter. She later became a designer and stage director, as well as a mentor for emerging performers, and has been involved in countless major Quebec shows. Committed and generous, resilient and tactful, Mouffe opens the door to what she calls her secret garden.


Carmel Dumas


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Filmography | Au cœur du country : L’Américanité (2009) ; Au cœur du country : La filière cadienne, (2009) ; Au cœur du country : Vie de famille (2009) ; Au cœur du country : Le rodéo du show-business (2009) ; Fougues gaspésiennes (2002)

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