The International Festival of Films on Art - 39TH Edition from March 16 to 28, 2021

Munch in Hell

Norway | 2018 | 75 min
English, Norwegian | Subtitles in English
Cinematography: Lars E. Tubaas Øymo
Editing: Erik Andersson
Director: Stig Anderson


Canadian Premiere

A film about the Norwegian painter and printmaker Edvard Munch (1863–1944). Considered by some to be one of the most important artists in the history of art, Munch is recognized as the pioneer of modern Expressionism, although he received recognition late in his career – and is still not highly regarded in his country. This documentary explores the life and work of an artist bursting with intensity and determination. A wonderful immersion in the career of this giant of Expressionism.


Stig Andersen

Stig Andersen has a Master degree in Art History from the University of Oslo. He worked at The Munch Museum in Oslo, registering Edvard Munch’s graphic art. Since 1979 he has been a documentary filmmaker. A substantial part of his films focus on art related topics, like Scream and Madonna (2008) about the robbery of some world famous paintings from the Munch Museum in Oslo.

Since the mid 70s, Andersen is an art critic and writer on art in Norway’s main newspapers Aftenposten, Dagsavisen, Dagbladet, VG and Klassekampen. Many of Norway’s greatest debates on art were initiated by Andersen himself. Andersen has also written books and articles for scientific magazines within the fields of art and architecture.

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