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Neutra - Survival Through Design

United States | 2019 | 102 min
Author: PJ Letofsky
Other: Clifford Lo
Cinematography: Andrew Parke
Cast: Norman Foster, Hilmer Goedeking, Manfred Hering, Alan Hess, Thomas Hines, Barbara Lamprecht, Catherine Meyler, Dion Neutra, Raymond Neutra, Harriet Roth, Moshe Safdie, Elana Shapira, Michael Stern, Volker M. Welter
Sound mixing: Joe Milner
Editing: PJ Letofsky
Producer: Christopher Ball, PJ Letofsky, Peter Rabitz
Composer: Kubilay Uner
Director: PJ Letofsky


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Quebec Premiere

This documentary looks back on the 125 years of life and work of the architect Richard Neutra and those of his son Dion Neutra. Considered one of the most important modernist architects, the elder Neutra was posthumously awarded the American Institute of Architects (AIA) Gold Medal, its highest honour. Featuring the personal account of his son Dion, now age 94, this documentary is an intimate and artistic portrait of one of architecture’s major figures.

Palm Springs Modernism Week, USA (2019)
Vancouver Intl FF, Canada (2019)
Rotterdam Architecture FF, Netherlands (2019)
Milan Design FF, Italy (2019)
Toronto Hot Docs, Canada (2020)


PJ Letofsky

PJ Letofsky is a Director, Producer specializing in Art and Culture documentaries with an International reach. His current film ‘Neutra- Survival Through Design’ on the Austrian American Architect Richard Neutra, debuted in Berlin, and Palm Springs Modernism Week in Feb 2019. He directed Tarkovsky: Time Within Time, based on the Russian director Andrei Tarkovsky’s Diary, and was filmed in Moscow, Rome, and Paris, premiering in Sao Paulo 2015. His first film, Polly’s GlobalWalk, on his sisters’ 5 year walk around the world for Breast Cancer, premiered for the Mayo Clinic, and was broadcast on PBS (2010). PJ was born and raised in Minneapolis and studied piano and photography from age 6. He started his career with his Minneapolis cable show TV Party (43 episodes) covering the local arts scene. A seasoned pianist singer songwriter, PJ had his rock bands on the road for 12 years before moving into film. He studied at UCLA and has been Directing, Producing, and editing for over 20 years.

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Filmography | Neutra- Survival Through Design (2019) ; Tarkovsky: Time Within Time (2016) ; Polly’s GlobalWalk (2009) ; To Understand the Poet, Go to the Poets’ Land (2017)

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