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Niki de Saint-Phalle, Jean Tinguely, la fée et le machiniste

France | 2019 | 52 min
Author: Catherine Aventurier, Aurélia Rouvier
Other: Arnaud Lambert
Cinematography: Richard Cloue, Grégory Mamou, José Ramirez
Sound mixing: Matthieu Cochin
Editing: Emmanuel Baert
Music: Dimitri Leroy
Producer: Caroline Broussaud
Sound: Joseph Oster, Jean Pourchier, François-Xavier Ruette
Voice: Régis Romele
Director: Catherine Aventurier


This film is available online HERE

North American Premiere - In attendance of the director Catherine Aventurier.

When they met in 1956, Niki de Saint Phalle and Jean Tinguely never imagined that they would spend the next twenty years of their lives together. They had little in common. Their upbringings, their ideologies, and their visions of art and life all differed. And yet, they fell in love, married and came to form a unique creative duo that fascinated the media. In 1996, they created their first large-scale work called Hon/Elle, a monumental sculpture that visitors could enter to discover Tinguely’s many other creations. Making its world premiere, this documentary paints a portrait of two unique creative minds, united by art and an exploration of space.


Catherine Aventurier


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