The International Festival of Films on Art - 39TH Edition from March 16 to 28, 2021

Regard Nomade : Voyage dans l'oeuvre de Marisa Albanese

Italy | 2017 | 19 min
Italian | Subtitles in French
Artists: Marisa Albanese
Production: Artecinema
Director: Fiamma Marchione


North American Premiere

A view into the subject matter and origins of the work of Marisa Albanese through the images of her most recent exhibitions. The artist accompanies us in her studio as she describes her creative process in which she deals with recurring themes, such as travel, the importance of change of view and the interaction between various world views. She tells of her first encounters with art in her childhood and adolescence and provides us with an inside view of her latest exhibitions, in which her most recent explorations for a new language in design emerge. In her exhibitions, the artist combines environmental installations, sculptures and drawings in an expressive manner which always brings the limits of one’s own view into play, and combines her past and current passions into a single journey. An exploration combining both memory and the present which captures our attention and invites us to stratify our own past experiences with the artist’s proposed stimuli, experiences and suggestions.


Fiamma Marchione

Filmography | Sguardo Nomade (2017); Esercizio N1 (2017) ; Le Jardin (2014) ; Via Settembrini (2014) ; Il Dono (2014) ; Tempo Interiore (2013) ; Double Sens (2007); Partiture per sole mani (2006) ; Skin Magma (2005) ; Atelier2004 (2004) ; Morgh (2002) ; The Screen (2002) ; Color Pelle (1994)

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