Objectif femmes

France | 2015 | 52 min
French, English | Subtitles in French
Cinematography: Raphaël O'Byrne
Distribution: Arte Distribution
Editing: Julie Martinovic'
Narration: Christelle Ledroit
Producer: Sylvie Gautier
Sound: Sylvain Delecroix, Cedric Mariotti, François Waledish
Production: Camera Lucida Productions


Presented in partnership with Vie des Arts

While some female photographers are today considered big stars, most remain largely unknown to the public. With interest in photography on the upswing and the theory of the genre the subject of debate, this documentary pays tribute to important female photographers. Moving between past and present, Manuelle Blanc and Julie Martinovic’s documentary features commentary by four experts in photography—Marta Gili, Michel Poivert, Marie Robert and Abigail Solomon Godeau—and four internationally renowned photographers—Jane Evelyn Atwood, Sarah Moon, Dorothée Smith and Christine Spengler. From pioneers to contemporary figures, the film gives long-overdue visibility to many women who have been unfairly overlooked by art historians and questions whether there is something inherently female in the artistic process of “women photographers.”


Manuelle Blanc

After working for the Délégation aux droits des femmes, Manuelle Blanc turned to documentaries some twelve years ago, first in production then direction. In particular, she is interested in such artists as Philippe Genty, Sophie Perez, Olivier Cadiot, Romane Borhinger, Michel Schweizer, Krzysztof Warlikowski and Neville Tranter, as well as the Handsprig puppet Cie. Manuelle Blanc and Julie Martinovic are long-time friends, and have worked together in the past.
Filmography | Ingmar Bergman : derrière le masque (en cours) ; Primitifs (2016) ; Artistes femmes : à la force du pinceau (2014) ; (A)pollonia (2014) ; Cartel (2014) ; Neville Tranter : la voix de son maître (2013) ; Handspring Puppet cie : sans langue de bois (2013) ; Frank Soehnle : filiation poétique (2013) ; 13H avec vous (2012) ; Face aux fauves (2011).

Julie Martinovic'

Julie Martinovic has worked as an editor for the last twenty years. She is open to all genres, from cultural documentaries and social magazines to fiction films. With a passion for photography, she has worked closely with Sarah Moon for fifteen years, collaborating on some ten film projects.
Filmography | First film.

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Artistes Femmes, à la force du pinceau
FIFA Grand Panorama

Artistes Femmes, à la force du pinceau

France | 53 min | 2015

French | Subtitles in English

Objectif femmes
FIFA Grand Panorama

Objectif femmes

France | 52 min | 2015

French, English | Subtitles in French