On the Track of Robert van Gulik

Belgium | 2016 | 87 min
Chinese, French, English, Dutch | Subtitles in French
Cinematography: Stef Tijdink, Ben Wolf, Stefano Bertacchini
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FIFA Competition


North American Premiere

Robert van Gulik (1910-1967) is one of the world’s most read Dutch authors. This diplomat, sinologist, and scholar is mostly known for his thriller novels featuring the series’ hero, Judge Ti. These books are regarded as projections of his own life in many aspects, like a dialogue between him and his fictive protagonist. This duality also plays a role in this film, where reality and fiction mesh into a confusing dream.


Rob Rombout

Rob Rombout, born in Amsterdam, is a director, teacher at Sint-Lukas School of Arts, Brussels, and co-founder of the DocNomads. He has been an independent documentary filmmaker for over 30 years, shown on television and festivals. He gives workshops in Brazil, Vietnam, China, Canada, United States, and Lebanon. He’s now preparing a poetic and musical film in Porto.
Filmography | Joost de Vries (2016) ; Amsterdam Stories (2012) ; Panamerica (2010) ; The Jagiellonian University (2004) ; QM2, la Reine des Mers (2004) ; Amsterdam via Amsterdam (2004) ; Overloon Penitentiary Centre (2003) ; Les Passagers de l’Alsace (2002) ; Canton, la Chinoise (2001) ; Le Piège de Kerguelen (2000) ; Perm-mission (1999) ; Les Acores de Madredeus (1995) ; Black Island (1994) ; Transatlantique (1992) ; Nord Express (1990) ; Entre deux tours (1987) ; Pas de cadeau pour Noël (1986) ; L’Homme qui en disait trop (1985).

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On the Track of Robert van Gulik
FIFA Competition

On the Track of Robert van Gulik

Belgium | 87 min | 2016

Chinese, French, English, Dutch | Subtitles in French

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