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Panel : Produire et distribuer à l'époque numérique

| 2020 | 90 min
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Panel (language english and french)
AM Art Films, Cinema Politica, Film 3 Mars Marquee TV,, Sky Arte, Videographe are only some of the new production/distribution initiatives and media platforms that facilitate an encounter between art, its filmic representation and contemporary media. Filmmakers, producers and distributors are currently working on the design of new commercial formula for fostering this encounter (be it, for instance, monthly or yearly subscriptions, pay-per-view plans or free access), ensuring the satisfaction of their customers and developing their business. What are the most successful commercial strategies at the start of the third decade of this millennium? How is the making, production and distribution of films changing in the digital world? How does the design of new and multifaceted platforms create new niche audiences and transforms the habits of those already existing? How can the creation of these platforms change contemporary conceptions of what art is and how it affects our lives? This panel will bring together professionals working with different business models and will draw on their expertise in order to understand the complex system of art dissemination in the digital world.


Moderation by Suzanne Lortie, Professor at the UQAM Media School
A graduate in production from the National Theater School of Canada and holder of an MBA from HEC Montreal, Suzanne Lortie is a professor at the Media School at UQAM. First tour director for LaLaLa Human Steps, the Almeida Theater and the OSM, she has been production director for many festivals in Quebec. Associate producer in television since 1992 (culture and documentary series), she has been a consultant in new media strategy, collaborator in particular with the Canada Council for the Arts (summit for the arts in the digital era) and member of the jury for the experimental component of the Canada Media Fund. Suzanne Lortie is responsible for the baccalaureate in cultural and media production strategies from the UQAM Media School. The program of the Faculty of Communication trains future producers, distributors and broadcasters in culture and the media.

Karine Boulanger, Curator at Videographe
Karine Boulanger holds a master's degree in film studies from the University of Montreal. Her thesis focused on independent Quebec cinema from the 60s and 70s. She worked for 7 years in research at the University of Montreal, within the Research Group on the Advent and Formation of Cinematographic and Stage Institutions (GRAFICS) and the Center for Research on Intermediality (CRI). She then worked for 6 years at the Cinémathèque québécoise, first as a programming assistant then as a programmer-curator, film, video and new international media. As curator at Vidéographe, she develop and values the important collection of the centre.

About: Videographer
Founded in Montreal in 1971, Vidéographe is a center for artists dedicated to the research and dissemination of the moving image. This includes in particular experiments in video art, animation, digital arts, video essay, documentary, video dance and fiction.

Jean-Christophe Lamontagne, President and founder of h264
Jean-Christophe is passionate about promoting our cinema and founded H264 Distribution in 2015. He distributes among others Fauve by Jeremy Comte and Marguerite by Marianne Farley, both nominated for the 2019 Oscars®. His goal: to support the influence of our cinema through new media. He also co-founded the Festival Plein (s) Ecran (s), the very first festival in the world to take place entirely on Facebook. In June 2019, it launched a new offer of aggregation services with the aim of improving the accessibility and dissemination of works from here on major digital platforms.

Tamsin Moufflet Genillier, Audiovisual producer for AM Art Films and co-founder of EYE Art Foundation
Guided by his quest for justice and harmony, Tamsin Genillier has never stopped looking for ways to show the world and denounce its dysfunctions. Her encounter with photojournalism diverts her from her studies in law and fashion design. After Sipa Press (1989), a practically and emotionally formative experience, in 1996 she embarked on the path of documentary. In this genre orchestrating image and discourse, she finds a new opportunity to contribute to everyone's reflection on society and history. Sensitive to the coherence of meaning and form, within the company of Lighthouses and Beacons, she manages, among other things, international co-productions, including in particular Voyage to the end of the right, Nick Frazer and Christian Poveda (copro ARTE and BBC), or EUtopia (Putain d'Europe), twenty films shot by young European directors (copro Arte, BBC and Mosaic films, GB).
To work independently, she created her own company Cats and Dogs Films (2000) and allows demanding works to exist: La Vida Loca, Christian Poveda on gangs in El Salvador (theatrical release), Yemen: The veil of the forbidden, Cécile Denjean (France 5), Clitoris, this dear stranger, Michèle Dominici and Variety Moszynski (ARTE).
Whether in fashion (Marithé & François Girbaud, 1992), for video clips (La nuit je mens, by Bashung, Jacques Audiard, 1997), for television, or outside the media, Tamsin Genillier has always had the means to exercise a professional life in the service of quality audiovisual projects, both in terms of storytelling and through the mobilization of several forms of visual expression. Since 2016, she has worked with AM Art Films to develop innovative audiovisual projects resulting from dialogues between artists and directors. Nourished by personal research on a martial path - aikido - in search of an ethical gesture in a harmonious relationship with the world, she also directs her approach towards concrete actions by participating in projects likely to offer opportunities for change. For instance, in 2009, as producer of content for an international summit dedicated to education (Wise, Qatar Foundation), and since 2018, as co-founder of EYE Art Foundation, French endowment fund whose mission is to offer to the disadvantaged youth privileged access to various actors in the art world.

About: AM Art Films
AM Art Films offers short films dedicated to highlighting the creative process of works of contemporary art. Created in 2015 by Amaury Mulliez, AM Art Films aims to promote the work of today's artists. In the course of his life and encounters, this instinctive art lover has chosen to support artists in his own discreet way. Over and above the collection, and aware of the value of the artist's work and role, this patron of the arts produces films which decipher the trajectory from an idea to its materialisation. AM Art enables its artist friends and directors to collaborate on films which recreate their world of creation. AM Art is an active player in the art world, encouraging exchanges and dialogue within its network to share these artworks with a broad public. Since 2019, AM art Films has been a founding member of the EYE Art Foundation, an endowment fund dedicated to children and adolescents which aims to promote direct access to actors in the world of art and culture, in particular visual artists. and visuals.

Benjamin Hogue, Filmmaker and producer, general director at Film 3 Mars
Between 2002 and 2007, Benjamin Hogue directed many feature documentaries. He was a member of the executive of Doc Quebec (2014-2019) and the board of directors of Productions Funambules Médias (2013-2019) and director of the Documentary Observatory (2015 to 2019). In October 2018, he took up his post as managing director at Films du 3 mars.

Film 3 Mars is a distributor (NPO) whose main mandate is to distribute independent cinema in order to ensure greater visibility to works and artists on local, national and international markets.

Marc Kirschner, Co-Founder and Head of Product and Innovation for Marquee TV
Marc Kirschner is the Co-Founder and Head of Product and Innovation for Marquee TV, an on-demand streaming platform dedicated to global arts and culture. Specializing in the platform’s digital audience and revenue development, Kirschner takes lead on leveraging new technologies to benefit Marquee TV’s rapidly growing content partnership base, which currently includes the Royal Shakespeare Company, The New York City Ballet, The Royal Opera House, and many more. Offering his knowledge of machine learning and tech-forward experiential initiatives, Kirschner’s goal is to utilize Marquee TV as a digital extension of the experience of live performing arts, allowing both mediums to flourish.

About: Marquee TV
Launched in 2018, Marquee TV ( is an on-demand streaming platform dedicated to global arts and culture. Serving up a world-class catalogue of contemporary and classic masterpieces, including dance, opera, theatre, and arts documentaries, Marquee TV has been designed for a growing digital audience of determined culture lovers and the arts-curious. Founded by a team of media tech entrepreneurs who were also behind the BBC’s iPlayer and the ground-breaking U.S. platform TenduTV, Marquee TV is available on iOS and Android, Apple TV, Amazon Fire, Comcast X1, Smart TVs and additional platforms.

Ezra Winton, Director of Programming and Co-Founder, Cinema Politica
Ezra is the Director of Programming and co-founder of Cinema Politica, the world's largest campus and community based film screening network. He teaches film and media at Concordia University and Dawson College and is finishing a book on documentary politics and curatorial ethics at the Hot Docs Film Festival.

About: Cinema Politica
Cinema Politica is a global network of film screening sites based in communities and on campuses that began in 2003 and has nearly 100 chapters in Canada and across the world. It is a Montreal non-profit started by Svetla Turnin and Ezra Winton that now also has distribution and on demand arms. CP champions films that contribute to progressive politics, feature under-represented voices and perspectives and interface with important social movements around the globe.

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