Persona, le film qui a sauvé Ingmar Bergman

France | 2017 | 53 min
French | Subtitles in French
Author: Maria Sjöberg
Director: Manuelle Blanc


North American Premiere

As a director who was awarded the Palme des Palmes at Cannes, Ingmar Bergman is surely the undisputed master in author cinema across the globe. From Tarantino to Woody Allen to Michael Hanneke, all can attest that Bergman is the ultimate cinematographer, as he made of his art and his life a masterpiece to which none can compare. 10 years after his death, as we prepare to celebrate his 100th anniversary in 2018, this film prefers to recount only one year of his life. A pivotal year, a hectic year where he would die, only to be reborn through his passion for cinema, and one film in particular, Persona. A tribute to an exceptional cinematographer.


Manuelle Blanc

After working at the Women's Rights Delegation, Manuelle Blanc turned to documentary, in production and directing. She produced portraits of internationally renowned artists, as well as a series on the revival of puppet theatre. She has also directed two cultural films about the place of women in art history.
Filmography | Objectif femmes – L'Histoire méconnue des femmes photographes (2015) ; Artistes femmes : À la force du pinceau (2014) ; (A)pollonia (2014) ; Cartel (2014) ; Frank Soehnie : Filiation poétique (2013) ; Face aux fauves (2011).

Maria Sjöberg

Maria Sjöberg is an author and translator of cinema films, living in France and Sweden. For 10 years, she worked for the Cannes Film Festival for the selection of Nordic films and represented Cannes in many festivals. She has also created an association, Cine Nordica, which works for the cultural exchange between Sweden and France, and leads a festival in Paris.
Filmography | L'Europe des écrivains (2013).

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Persona, le film qui a sauvé Ingmar Bergman
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Persona, le film qui a sauvé Ingmar Bergman

France | 53 min | 2017

French | Subtitles in French