France | 2016 | 90 min
French, English
Animation: Julien Baret
Author: Marietta Ren
Other: David Benmussa, Ilan (traduction) Cohen, Fanette Martinie, Jérome Perrillat-Collomb
Graphic creation: Marietta Ren
Editing: Martin Bessin
Producer: Pierre Cattan, Alexandrine Stehelin
Production: ©France Télévisions-Small Bang-2016
Composer: Côme Jalibert
Programmer: Christophe Da Silva


Presented in partnership with FIG55 Productions and Rakoon studio

The first scrolling graphic novel designed for tablets and smartphones, this captivating graphic novel is a multimedia narrative that tells the story of Audrey, a young girl struggling with hallucinations in which she sees whales. She consults a neurologist who discovers she has a “physeter”, an anomalous cerebral structure that allows her to stay underwater for a long time. Co-produced by Small Bang and France Télévisions-Nouvelles Écritures, Phallaina is the story of a personal transformation that combines cognitive science and mythology by redefining the codes of traditional comics.


Marietta Ren

Marietta Ren discovered her artistic calling in high school and went on to integrate several schools of applied arts. She entered the Gobelins school of animation and earned her degree as creator-director for animation films. Her professional career began with character design work on several series, but also with animation and storyboarding, and published her first book. Phallaina represents her biggest artistic adventure yet, as well as a technological challenge.
Filmography | First major project.

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