Phyllis Lambert

Canada | 2015 | 48 min
Cinematography: François Vincelette
Distribution: Ciné Fête
Editing: Justine Godin, Nélie Pelletier
Producer: Vic Pelletier
Sound: Gilles Ross, Kéven Savard
Production: PDV DOC III Inc.


Presented in partnership with Provencher roy

Born in Montreal, Phyllis Lambert has always been interested in all forms of art, particularly sculpture. Curious and independent-minded, she met her mentor in New York, the celebrated German architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, after which her career blossomed: she piloted the construction of the Seagram Building in New York, designed the Saidye Bronfman Centre in Montreal, and was a consultant for the TD Centre in Toronto. The founder of the Canadian Centre for Architecture (CCA) in Montreal and author of numerous works, Phyllis Lambert has long been an advocate for the city’s architectural heritage and social housing projects. In this film by Manuel Foglia, she describes her path and vision of a citizen-oriented form of architecture.


Manuel Foglia

After studies in film production at Concordia University, Manuel Foglia worked on the television series La Course destination monde in 1992. This marked the beginning of a 25-year career in film and television documentaries. Although his recent work reflects his interest in history and politics, it is in the genre of biography that he has particularly distinguished himself over the past few years.
Filmography | Michel Chartrand, le malcommode (2011) ; Chers électeurs (2008) ; Paroles et liberté (2007) ; Grands reportages personnalités (2010-2017) ; La fin du monde est à 7 heures (1997) ; La vie d'artiste (1996-2000) ; L'enfer c'est nous autres (1993-1994) ; La course destination monde (1992-1993).

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Phyllis Lambert
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Phyllis Lambert

Canada | 48 min | 2015