The International Festival of Films on Art - 39TH Edition from March 16 to 28, 2021

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Plus haut que les flammes

Canada | 2019 | 104 min
Cinematography: Monique Leblanc
Editing: Geoffrey Boulangé
Script: Monique Leblanc
Sound: Mélanie Gauthier
Director: Monique Leblanc
Categories :
FIFA Competition


This film is available online HERE

World Premiere

In this astonishing work by Monique Leblanc, Louise Dupré’s acclaimed poetry collection of the same name is adapted for film. Brought to life by actor Violette Chauveau, this colourful, intense and lyrical language is truly a poetry of memory, imbued with images of survival and childhood. A poignant dialogue between image and words and a story that goes straight to the heart.


Monique Leblanc

Director, actor, screenwriter, author, and producer Monique LeBlanc is a leading name in the industry. Based in eastern Canada, she works in documentary and fiction alike. This truly multi-talented artist is also a columnist, director, and presenter on both radio and television.
As part of her recent work with Radio-Canada Acadie, she wrote and produced the Courants documentary series, focusing on ten different Canadian rivers. Following this, she wrote the screenplay for Acadie américaine and Acadie black et blanc, both of which she also directed and produced. Other notable works include documentary series Philosophes and Jeunes Acadiens de par le monde.
In the 1990s, she collaborated with the NFB to co-produce multi-award-winning documentary Le lien acadien/The Acadian Connection. Her subsequent work, a philosophical road trip entitled Cigarette, was selected for a number of film festivals. 2005 saw her direct and co-produce Les chemins de Marie.
Monique LeBlanc has realized several projects through her production company CinImage, including her documentary about an Acadian painter, Roméo Savoie – La peinture au corps, which received an award at the 2011 FICFA festival and has been shortlisted for the Gémaux Award for Best Documentary: Culture.
Higher than Flames Will Go is her third feature-length documentary and her fourth collaboration with the NFB.

Biographies have been provided by third parties.
Filmography | Acadie Américaine et Acadie Black & Blanc (2013-2014) ; Plus haut que les flammes (2019) ; The Geographies of DAR (2019) ; Jeunes Acadiens de par le monde (2018) ; Philosophes (2018-2019)

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